The elections are finalised.

I have been elected as a councillor and as Deputy Mayor.

Thank you to those who gave me a high vote.

Five of the nine councillors are new to the role. Some are pretty excited which is great. It is in everybody’s interest that they settle in as quickly as possible.

I feel like this should be my last term as Deputy Mayor of Kentish Council.

Summer Baling

A great summer scene from West Kentish.


Now that’s Snow

This amount of snow hasn’t been seen in many years.


Sheffield Sale Day

Don Braid has some great photos of Kentish from the 50s and 60s.

Pictured here are the Sheffield Saleyards which were located in Hope St (down from The Hub). It must have been a great social occasion.

Snakes Alive

Sheffield Library recently hosted The Reptile Man. Lots of different snakes came to visit. The kids loved it. Pictured in my James with a python.

Sheffield Streetscape

It was good for Council to be able to give this contract to a local business. Treloar’s Transport were the successful tenderer. They have had plenty of men on the job.

Work is currently taking place to create a carpark next to the R.S.L. There will still be room for some shopfronts next to the R.S.L in the future if need be.


Election Time is here

Voting forms are arriving in the mail as of today.

It will be great to get some new people on Council.

Some continuity is also important. I hope to be returned as a councillor and as Deputy Mayor.

Please just choose who you think will be best for the municipality. If I am not on your list then so be it.

More talk of amalgamations

The State Liberal Party are keen to see less councils in Tasmania.

Kentish resources shares staff with Latrobe. This has worked well for both councils. We have gained some impressive staff.

I see no compelling reason to amalgamate.

I don’t think rates will reduce, your local representatives may not be as easy to contact and your voice may be drowned out by larger population areas.

Kentish is financially solid and the council has been functioning well.

What are the compelling reasons to amalgamate ?

Meet the Candidates Night

Last night candidates for the coming election gave short speeches for those gathered at the Senior Citizen’s Club. I learnt plenty. I assume that those who came learnt plenty as well.

Below is the speech I delivered.


When I gave my first candidate speech 7 years ago, I ended with the phrase “Kentish has survived, now it needs to thrive”. Kentish as an area has gone ahead over the past 7 years, we have more than just survived.

A recent comparison of coastal councils was undertaken. Kentish was rated 3rd of out 9.  Our rates are around middle of the pack (no not the cheapest), however are blessed and burdened with beautiful mountains and rugged terrain so we must also shoulder the load to maintain the bridges and windy roads that these mountains create.

Being Deputy Mayor has been a great challenge to me and a role I have taken seriously. I have worked closely with the Mayor and General Manager over the past term, meeting weekly with both of them. This is rare amongst councils in Tasmania but it shows the cooperative nature of the leadership we have. I have gained the current Mayor’s confidence. This has helped to build a solid council.

If I am re-elected as Deputy Mayor, whoever is elected as Mayor has my word that I will support them in their role, I will seek to assist them and not undermine them and respectfully challenge them when need be. We have all seen what happens when Councils become dysfunctional.

At this time in my life, being Deputy Mayor seems like a good fit. However I need your support to continue in this role.

It is healthy for councils to gain new blood. At the very least Kentish Council will have 4 new councillors (maybe more). Council however also needs stability and continuity as the new councillors find their feet. I offer my experience and assistance (if elected) to any new councillor. It is in everyone’s interest that new councillors get established as soon as possible.

Where to from here?

We need to capitalize on the National Tidy Town win for Sheffield.

There is interest in establishing a skate park in Railton, I support this proposal if the Railton residents get behind it.

A project that I have pushed (though did not think of) (thankyou George Kelly) is the re-establishment of Gowrie Park as a  residential village. This topic will be on the new Council’s agenda.

There is more for the future than can be mentioned in 3 minutes.

If re-elected Deputy Mayor you can be assured I will support the new Mayor and try and build a solid and strong council for the good of all who choose to live here.



Sheffield Railton Community Bank Survery

We want to know what you think about a community bank coming to Kentish. It is important to get as many surveys back as possible. Expect one in the mail soon.

Please consider doing the survey online by clicking here.