Sheffield gets everything!

Kentish has 9 Councillors. Only 1 lives in Sheffield.

Some people object that more money is spent in and around Sheffield than in other parts of the municipality.

Shouldn’t more money be spent in Sheffield than Moina? Yes it should. Sheffield is the primary service town for the municipality providing most services and having the largest population.

Most Councillors don’t live in Sheffield. Yes Sheffield is important but no it is not the only area that matters.

9 seats

People are starting to talk about the coming elections.

There will be 9 vacant seats to fill. I have heard 3 Councillors will not be standing so the election is wide open.

I won’t be standing for Mayor.

Kentish Arts Festival

Council voted last night to grant the Kentish Arts Festival around $60,000. The money will be used to significantly upgrade Mural Park in Sheffield.

The works will be complete and ready for MuralFest in 2015.

It took a while but Council and the Kentish Arts Festival came to an agreement on a proposal that both groups could support.

The ABC in Railton

ABC Radio came through the Railton area.

Click this link to have a listen to what some local people had to say.

The Summit

My son James has been badgering me to take him up Mount Roland. It finally happened in February. A great day out. We walked up the front and down the back.


Kentish Men’s Shed

My boys and I have been visiting the Men’s Shed in Sheffield weekly over the past few months.

Mike Taylor was a patient and skilled teacher. The boys ended up making a coffee tray for their mum for her birthday. A great gift.

We are fans of the shed.


The Wilson’s are on the move

We have bought a little farm outside of Sheffield and hope to move in the next month. A lot of years of looking has finally paid off.


Mayor Away

The mayor is away until April 21. Call me on 0438 912280

Mining at Moina

Council fairly recently approved the extraction of gold from the Moina area.

Try this link to learn more about the deposit.

Sheffield – National Tidy Towns Winner 2014

Last night Sheffield won the National Keep Australia Beautiful Australian Tidy Towns Award.

This is not a Council award, it is a community award. I knew Sheffield was a great town to live in, this award recognises it.

Have a look at the official media release here.

The Mayor will be stoked!