The Candidates are in

There are 16 people standing for 9 positions on Kentish Council. There are 3 candidates for Mayor and 3 candidates for Deputy Mayor.

I expected more candidates for Deputy Mayor. The 3 candidates are all current councillors.

Latrobe council has 9 vacancies with only 8 people standing. They are taking further nominations apparently. An unusual situation. I watch with interest to see what happens at Latrobe. Kentish and Latrobe are working more closely now through the sharing of staff and some plant. Kentish is not an island.

Kentish will see at least 4 new faces join the Kentish, maybe more. There is fresh blood on the way.

Boys enjoying the farm

Meet the Candidates

Who is standing for Kentish Council?

All will be revealed!

Come to the Meet the Candidates night and see for yourself. Details here.

Karate in Railton

Railton hosts an impressive Karate club at the the Kings Hall. Three of my children have attended (one currently). They become fit, are taught authority, self discipline and respect. The club is well run. I recommend it. Click here for contact details. It is great to see the hall so well used.

Devonport Living City Plan

Devonport Council has a bold plan to revitalise the city. I support it. If Devonport thrives then it will be good for Kentish. Many of our residents work part time or full time in Devonport. A stagnating Devonport would not be good for the region.

I am glad the Cradle Coast Authority has got behind the project.

If the plan is successful, I imagine the Acacia Hills area (especially) will continue to grow.

Being in Local Government

I have been thinking about my time on Kentish Council. I have never done anything like this before. It is never boring. Every month something new pops up. Some things not so pleasant. You learn more about people’s lives in this role than you actually want to know sometimes.

Community matters are never far away from your thoughts. I notice now that when I visit other municipalities, I look at what assets they have and do a comparison with our own.

I have gained some new friendships since being in Local Government. People I may not have met otherwise. A few friendships have been strained as well. Can’t please everyone.

Overall it is an experience I wouldn’t trade. It has toughened me up a bit and been good for me as a person.

Coming and going

I read in the paper today that a few Councillors are not standing again.

Peter Campbell is finishing up. Peter is a contributor, down to earth and willing to speak his mind. I hope someone is elected with a strong rural emphasis that Peter had.

Bart Wisse will not stand again. Put Lorinna Road aside and I worked pretty well with Bart. He was also a contributor. We worked well on the Economic Development Committee.

My guess is Council will not continue to have a third of its Councillors coming from Lorinna.

Skate Park at Goliath Park in Railton

Council was recently presented with a petition and presentation for a skate park in Railton.

I think it is a good idea for a master plan to be developed for Goliath Park. The master plan should include a skate park.

Council and the Railton community should work together to see a skate park established in Goliath Park. Council have been assured there will be strong Railton support and backing for the project. We have been told it would involve materials and time.

Sounds like a plan.

Coming Elections

I intend to stand as Deputy Mayor again in October. I will have competition.

I considered standing as Mayor. I still have 6 children at home. Yes 6. It doesn’t seem the right time to stand as Mayor. Maybe it never will be.

Please elect 9 people who care about the Kentish community as a whole. A single issue candidate will offer limited value to the community.

Kentish Council is far from perfect. That said, we have worked solidly and maturely for most of the last term.

Sheffield Waste Transfer station Opening Hours

The Transfer times have changed. We received some comments that some residents would like to be able to drop off in the mornings, these requests have been accommodated. Click here for the latest times.