Coming and going

I read in the paper today that a few Councillors are not standing again.

Peter Campbell is finishing up. Peter is a contributor, down to earth and willing to speak his mind. I hope someone is elected with a strong rural emphasis that Peter had.

Bart Wisse will not stand again. Put Lorinna Road aside and I worked pretty well with Bart. He was also a contributor. We worked well on the Economic Development Committee.

My guess is Council will not continue to have a third of its Councillors coming from Lorinna.

Skate Park at Goliath Park in Railton

Council was recently presented with a petition and presentation for a skate park in Railton.

I think it is a good idea for a master plan to be developed for Goliath Park. The master plan should include a skate park.

Council and the Railton community should work together to see a skate park established in Goliath Park. Council have been assured there will be strong Railton support and backing for the project. We have been told it would involve materials and time.

Sounds like a plan.

Coming Elections

I intend to stand as Deputy Mayor again in October. I will have competition.

I considered standing as Mayor. I still have 6 children at home. Yes 6. It doesn’t seem the right time to stand as Mayor. Maybe it never will be.

Please elect 9 people who care about the Kentish community as a whole. A single issue candidate will offer limited value to the community.

Kentish Council is far from perfect. That said, we have worked solidly and maturely for most of the last term.

Lambing Season

We have just finished our first lambing season on our new little farm. Plenty of joy and some tears. The children enjoyed feeding the little ones rejected by their mothers.

We learnt a few things along the way.

Sheffield gets everything!

Kentish has 9 Councillors. Only 1 lives in Sheffield.

Some people object that more money is spent in and around Sheffield than in other parts of the municipality.

Shouldn’t more money be spent in Sheffield than Moina? Yes it should. Sheffield is the primary service town for the municipality providing most services and having the largest population.

Most Councillors don’t live in Sheffield. Yes Sheffield is important but no it is not the only area that matters, by any means.

Bridges are a major cost to the municipality and these are almost all located away from Sheffield. Expenditure is spread around.

9 seats

People are starting to talk about the coming elections.

There will be 9 vacant seats to fill. I have heard 3 Councillors will not be standing so the election is wide open.

I won’t be standing for Mayor.

Sheffield Town Hall

One hundred years old. A celebration was held last night to celebrate the centenary of the Sheffield Town Hall.

The Mayor said something interesting. Kentish has basically the same population as 100 years ago. Demographics would be different now though. One hundred years ago there would have been a much larger percentage of young people. Less houses with more people in them.

The past Mayor Ian Braid recited a poem called Lost by Banjo Patterson.

A lot of work went into the night. Well done to the Mayor, Councillor Penny Lane, Aleasha Goss and Chris Clarke.

There was even a town crier to announce guests.



Kentish Arts Festival

Council voted last night to grant the Kentish Arts Festival around $60,000. The money will be used to significantly upgrade Mural Park in Sheffield.

The works will be complete and ready for MuralFest in 2015.

It took a while but Council and the Kentish Arts Festival came to an agreement on a proposal that both groups could support.

The ABC in Railton

ABC Radio came through the Railton area.

Click this link to have a listen to what some local people had to say.

The Summit

My son James has been badgering me to take him up Mount Roland. It finally happened in February. A great day out. We walked up the front and down the back.